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Volunteer at the ABJ School of Music

We are always keen to welcome volunteers to join the ABJ School team. We are open to a wide range of skills that you may be able to offer. We are particularly interested in those who have experience teaching in English, Maths, Science and Geography.

We are looking for volunteers with enthusiasm, creativity and lots of initiative to join our school community and add to the vibrant atmosphere which we cultivate for our children. We like people who can think outside the box who are not afraid to come up with their own fresh and exciting ideas to bring to class.

In return, volunteers will have the opportunity to study with our experienced teachers on any instrument(s) of their choice for the duration of their time at the school. We ideally like our volunteers to be with us for a minimum of 1 month in order to allow time to assimilate into the school and to bond with our children. Accommodation is offered, however spaces for this are limited. Please enquire to find out availability.
Please contact the school email (below) to request the Volunteer Application Form, or if you have any queries regarding volunteering at the school:


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