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Our Koras are renowned for their superb sound-quality and depth of tone. Using uniquely adapted building techniques which have been refined over years, these Koras are a perfect balance between traditional and the modern.

Guitar tuners on the neck of the instrument allow the player to tune the instrument with ease, thus overcoming the challenging aspect of tuning and repairing strings on the old model. This subtle development brings this instrument into the modern era without compromising the old techniques that have been refined and handed down over generations of traditional instrument-makers from West Africa.

Unlike some other high-end pegged koras on the market our instruments are all built in West Africa from start to finish. This adds a highly valuable aspect to the quality and authenticity of the instrument. They are built using the finest craftsmanship and the necessary climate needed to create the best sounding instruments.

The necks carrying the tuning heads are built from top of the range, high density hardwood which is beautifully hand crafted to an elegant smooth finish. We offer a wide range of extra designs that can be added to the calabash, neck, handles and bridge of the instrument. You can browse through these extra options below.
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You can add extras to your kora by browsing through the options below. You can either pick from the designs displayed below or send us a photo of a design that you like or describe how you would like it. We would prefer to have a photo or diagram if possible.
Our Koras come with a standard set of pegs which are robust, durable and have a smooth turn. However if you would like pegs of a higher range, or of different colours we are happy to provide these for you. Please email us to let us know what type of pegs you are looking for and we will send you a taylored quote.

    Standard Pegs   Gold Pegs
    (Included)   £40
Get 1 design free when you order two or more extras! (Cheapest design free)

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