Exlcusive London appearance
Sona Jobarteh performs live in London



The latest album by Sona Jobarteh

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Motherland: The Score
Soundtrack composed by Sona Jobarteh

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New collaboration:
Sona Jobarteh & Kumba Kuyateh
Kumba Kuyateh and Sona Jobarteh | New Collaboration
Forthcoming release:
Autumn 2014

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 Kora Lessons Sona Jobarteh
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Kora lessons Sona Jobarteh



For the past eight years Sona has been teaching the Kora to students in London. Known for her unique teaching style, her students range from professional musicians to beginners, to students from Universities such SOAS and Goldsmiths.

Kora lessons Sona Jobarteh
  About the lessons
Lessons are one to one and 60mins in duration. A unique teaching method enables anyone to grasp a good understanding of this amazing instrument. Students are able to obtain a lot, even just from one lesson.


Lessons are catered for each individual student's needs. The structure is perfectly adapted for those studying the kora for a course at University, but will also cater for those who wish to try out and learn the instrument for their own personal reasons.
Lessons can be booked regularly, or ad-hoc to suit the student's needs.



  Things I like about Sona's teaching include her patient, considered and methodical approach. In my experience, many musicians raised within a tradition have a limited insight into the difficulties faced by those approaching that tradition from the outside. Sona has clearly thought this through and come up with strategies to make the repertoire accessible. As well as taking you through the steps on the journey, she shows you the destination so that you understand why you are doing what you are doing. She is flexible, patient and good humoured, adapting her approach to accommodate where you are at and where you want to go. - Dominic Paris  



  What to bring
Students are welcome to bring their own Kora to lessons, and Koras are provided for those without an instrument.
In order to benefit fully from lessons it is highly recommended to bring some sort of recording device to each lesson.
  Location, time and cost
Lessons are held in Highbury, North London. Lessons take place every week on Monday evenings, but are also dependant on Sona's availability. Upon placing a booking request, further details will be sent regarding the availability of exact time slots.
Lesson are £35 per hour, one-to-one tuition.
The location is very convenient; only a two minute walk from the underground, and free on-street parking.
  How to book
Simply complete the following booking form, and you will be contacted regarding your request as soon as possible.
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Preferred Lesson time(s): (Mondays)







Kora Repairs:

    Kora Repairs Sona Jobarteh

A wide range of repairs or moderations can be carried out, no matter how big or small. Conveniently for many the location for repairs is in London. Work includes:

Repair/replace broken strings
Bridge collapse
Convert traditional Kora pole to easy-to-use tuning heads
  To request a quote for any job simply complete the following:
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Koras for sale:

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Kora Lessons Sona Jobarteh

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