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This Kora features the traditional tuning rings around the neck. The method of tuning with these ofen requires some guidance or assistance in order to learn how to tune the instrument effectively. It can be time-consuming for beginners to learn this method of tuning, however it is possible for some to pick it up reletavely quickly.

In order to tune a string, the ring must be pushed either up or down the neck of the Kora. Without correct technique used the rings can be stiff and difficult to move, may slip, or other rings can be mistakenly moved whilst trying to move another one.

Our Traditional Koras are made and shipped directly from the Gambia, West Africa where they are made using the centuries-old building techniques by one of the leading instrument-makers in the country.

As these Koras are made and shipped directly from Africa, orders must be placed online using the form below. Before confirming you purchase, a customised shipping quote will be sent to you for you to decide if you would like to go ahead with your order.
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This convenient Kora bag provides the perfect solution for travelling as well as storing your Kora. Fitted with a rucksack-type strap at the back, this bag allows you to carry your kora on your back with ease. The bags are lined with foam to help protect the kora whilst on the go.

These bags are made with traditional african fabric, which come in a varied range of attractive patterns, designs and colours. All our cases are made in the Gambia by hand-picked taylors, in our aim to support local business and trade.

These cases are each custom made to fit the unique dimensions of your Kora. We can also make ones to fit Koras with extra long poles. You can also request aditional features such as pockets on the inside of the case.

If you would like to purchase a case for an exiting kora, please submit your kora measurements to us so that we can source a case that will fit your instrument. Click here to send us your measurements using our online order form. We will need the overall height, width and depth of your kora, as well as the height of the handles.
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£2.99 - £19.99  

his is a complete set of 21 professional quality nylon Kora strings. They can be used on both traditional Koras and pegged/machine head Koras. The set is made up of 7 packets - each containing a different thickness of string. Two extra complimentary strings are included in the packs containing thinner strings. Instructions on where to fit each thickness of string onto your instrument is detailed on the back of each string packet.

You have a choice of purchasing the whole set, or individual string packets if you wish to replace just one or a few strings on your Kora. Please contact us to let us know which strings you would like to replace and we will let you know which individual packet(s) to purchase.

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£2.99 / £19.99

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The bridge is a very important part of the kora. One that is not sized to suit your hands can result in difficulty reaching certain strings and can lead to hand strain.

Ordering a custom made bridge will allow you to tailor your Kora to suit your own needs. You may just want to replace an old bridge, or add extra strings, or perhaps your current bridge is too large for your hands, or too small. By ordering a custom made bridge you can have a bridge that is tailored to your personal hand-size and reach.
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A wide range of tuners have been tried and tested for their performance with the Kora, and this model has come out on top. It is a clip-on chromatic tuner that is perfect for use with the Kora. Unlike a guitar tuner it picks up all the notes of the kora with ease and clarity,, and can be conveniently clipped onto different areas of the Kora such as the sound hole, bridge or handles.

It is simple to use, featuring a clear display that tells you whether to tune up or down to reach the desired note. The central bar turns green when the right note is reached.

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